Tuesday, April 28, 2009

DIY Bling Bling...

Yup im still here. Work has been super duper hectic so i havent had time AT ALL to ride my bikes. Ive been meaning to update this blog (really i have), but my schedules just jam packed. As most of you already know i havent, and wont be, able to update this mug like i used to. Im guessing ill try to update maybe once or twice a week if possible. Check a couple times a week to see wuts goin on...

Last week, i visited a friends shop located conviniently 5 min away from my house. The shop owner (Kakizawa-san http://4-5sanpokai.com/blog/kakizawa/ ) figured a way to "melt" away the (im not really sure what they call it in the english speaking world, but we call it "almight" here in japan) somewhat foggy layer you find on aluminum parts. Hard to describe but the pictures will describe it.

Let me start off by saying itll really take some balls to do this yourself without any experience, but i was lucky enough to have Kakizawa-san teach me the ropes first hand. Basically, by doing this, you can make your "dull" looking stem, crank, hubs, handle, etc., bling bling. So here we go...



1.First off, heres what youre gonna need. On the bottom picture, the bottom left cream is "aluminum compound". Ill explain what what does later on...

Heres a before pic of my Nitto Pearl8 stem.
Its brand new, with its "foggy" layer.

2. First you gotta take your part(s), and spray the bitch with the Easy-Off on top of a piece of cardboard or something. The smell is pretty intense so DO NOT do this indoor. Unless u wanna get high. Then wait about 10min.

3. Heres what she looks like after 10min. Pretty much looks like shit, and id be shitting my pants if i was doing this alone. So when it looks like this, just wash it off thoroughly with water.

Here she is after being washed. Looks dreadful.

4. Take the aluminum compound and some cotton balls, and rub the shit outta the stem. Slowly but surely, itll start looking like this.

After a mere 45min of rubbing the stem, here she is in all her glory...

Heres a comparison shot. The tops my Pearl8 blinged, and the bottom is a Nitto65 with Almight still on. I know the Nitto NJ-PRO is already blinged, but this is on an aluminum part, AND it can be done on parts like the Pearl and N65 which do not come pre-blinged by Nitto. Btw, ill be doing my N65 as well.

Heres what the work space looks like.

Let me tell u it looks 10x better in person. These pictures really dont do it justice.
In addition, if you have a used part, which isnt in the greatest of condition, the Easy-Off spray will eat away at some of the scars on your part. Theres really no down side to this.
Well thats it in a nutshell. Ill be sure to take pics again when i do my N65 stem, maybe theyll come out cleaner. If u guys have any questions, feel free to ask. All in all, this only took like an hour or so total. Btw, do this at ur own risk. I just had to say it, ha.


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Philip said...

It's called anodizing in the english world! So you would be de-anodizing the stem.

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good lookin out! man ive been away from the "english world" for so long, that i couldnt think of what the word would be..haha.

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sup chief!
now in Tokyo!
you doing anything for Golden Week?
hope all is good buddy.

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update fool