Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gokoku Temple...

Caught this picture on the way home from the bike shop i always hang out at.

Sakura seasons coming up! A perfect chance to go take some pictures.

Lately i think i should broaden my horizons by taking pictures of things other than just bicycles but when i really think about it, bicycles are always around me. Perhaps i should start taking strolls around parks or maybe just the city and snap away at things that catch my attention. I know most the ppl who read my blog are bike riders or somehow connected to the bike world, but in no offense, i didnt make this blog for u. i made it for me. To randomly update on things that go on in my life and to post about things that have interest to me. I just thought id clarify that for myself, and to u the reader.

Now i know normally this isnt the thing that i usually post about (and perhaps ur wondering, "i wonder what got into him") but no worries, its nothing at all. Just now and then i gotta remind myself what im doing this for.

Ill continue doing this blog as ive always been and i hope ull join me on my ride!

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