Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New in shop...


Got a couple new frames in the shop today.
An Eimei, Giro, and a Baramon.
All of them are in pretty good condition, but to tell you the truth the colors are a bit too much for me. The shop owner, Ichiro-san, buys most of his frames off of real keirin racers.
He was telling me that the racer he bought these 3 frames off of, likes his frames to have a certain "visual" look. As you can easily tell by the Giro and Eimei.
Both black with grey fades and hologramed logo stickers. Its interesting to see other people taste sometimes...


My good friend Teru got an Aerospoke rear wheel so we went to the shop to get it installed.
Here it is pre-spoked...

Looks way different with the new rear wheel.

Match's new set up. Pretty simple and clean...
20t cog...this things HUGE.


Thomas said...

Nice! Thanks you for sharing!!

My girlfriend and I are planning our first trip to Japan this summer. We already agreed to take our bicycles along. Anyway I’m not sure if this works out with the public transporta-tion system in Japan. Riding the whole distance from Fukuoka to Tokyo is definitely too long.

Knowing that Harada-San has his studio in Fukuoka I am considering to stop by to place a custom order. It would be good to get in touch with him before but I couldn’t find his email address in the net. Hopefully you can help me out!

Do you have any regular meeting places for cycling in the city? It’s always nice to meet people with similar interests.

Best Regards from Germany! :)


Gary said...

Harada-san is oldschool. No email, no internet and not one word English. Good luck. And you got to wait like 1-2 years to get the frame made, if he is in the mood?

The Flying Helmet said...

Hey Thomas,
If you plan on coming to Fukuoka from Tokyo, you definitely want to take the airplane. If thats a pain, then the bullet train is your 2nd best bet. Airplane is about an hour and a half, while train is about 5 hours.

And Harada-san would be which builder?

And yes, we have some regulare spots where we ride out in Fukuoka. Unfortunately Ill only be living here for another month, Ill be moving to Nagoya! But if you KIT with me i can definitely point you in the right direction.


Thomas said...

The plan is to take an airplane from Frankfurt (my hometown) to Fukuoka where we should stay a couple of days. Apart from exploring the city I want to check out the bicycle scene (going to keirin races, bicycle shops, meeting people and last but not least paying Harada-San (Samson) a short visit even if it’s just to check out his shop). Thanks for the info Gary!

Afterwards the bike ride to Tokyo will start (http://www.japancycling.org/v2/cguide/part1/). We probably won’t cover the whole distance by bike. At least it depends on our mood and the weather if we stay somewhere to have a rest before we keep on travelling by bike or public transportation. Anyway my girlfriend is not totally convinced yet. ;) When everything's settled I’ll let you know. By the way it wasn’t my intention to spoil your blog.

Thanks for helping out! Hopefully we can see the best of Nagoya’s fixed gear scene as well! Keep it up!


The Flying Helmet said...

Hey Thomas,
A close friend of mine recently tried to order a frame through Harada-san (through an actual keirin racer) and it was a no-go. Heard hes a hard ass. haha, as is with a lot of old school frame builders.

Yah you guys should definitely make it through Nagoya. I just came back from a short visit the other day. Cant say much about the bike scene as i dont have too many friends there yet, but ill be sure to blog about it! Thanks for visiting and hopefully we can chat it up again.