Tuesday, March 17, 2009

To clear things up...

I posted about this frame not too long ago wondering who and where this "Narahara" maker is from, but upon closer examination, its simply just a GanWell custom made for a keirin racer named Narahara. Apologies for the "unthoroughness", haha, but i just had that picture layin around in my comp and posted it for the hell of it. With all that aside, check out the rare coloring and beautiful craftsmanship. So here she is in all her beauty...a GanWell named Narahara...



1 comment:

Jussi said...

all those frames in the photos look super-nice!

But yes, the Rossin Record Pista in mine. It's been my winter project, and it's almost ready, just some little things missing still.

Also, I just realized that I must have been somehow unconsciously influenced by your lovely Kalavinka when I was getting the parts for it, hah haa