Monday, March 23, 2009

My fricken Kalavinka...

...has fricken laser beams attached to its head...

ok i know lame. but my new mini bull horn looks like somethings gonna shoot outta its ends. seriously. it almost takes a little while to get used to looking at it from the side.

my first time riding a bull horn, and i must say, its quite comfortable. very recommendable for city use. relatively easy to get power to your pedals, and enough width to keep a comfy stance while cruising (or mashing for that case). although im enjoying this set-up, i have to admit i still prefer drops rather than bulls.

this is the nitto version that released recently.



Alex said...

i just cannot get used to the looks of these extra-small bullhorns. regarding looks, i am a mad fan of the rb-21. they have a brutal look, and will be quite comfy with the right stem. reminds me, haven't taken pictures of my bike with the rb-21 yet.

MR44 said...